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Mar 09 2015

Welcome to the world of blogging!

I often joke about being a “dinosaur” when it comes to the world wide web and computers in general.  Being a child of the 80s, I often long for the days of cassettes, VCRs, and classic Saturday morning cartoons.

When approached about starting a blog for my clinic, I had to give it a lot of thought.  What the heck is a blog?!  What could I possibly have to say that I don’t already blab on and on about on a daily basis at work?  Would I be judged on my poor writing skills?  I feel like I do a pretty decent job updating the Facebook page, but am almost absent on our Twitter page – how can I possibly start something else?

So here I am…with my first blog.  I hope that as time goes on I will get better at this.  My goal is to provide relevant veterinary medical information and maybe even some insight into my life and the lives of those that work directly with me at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital.  My plan is to have my staff, friends and clients give me input on what topics would be relevant to them.  So if you see this blog and want me to talk about some particular topic, please let me know!  Here at the clinic, I see dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furry pocket pets.  I provide wellness and preventative care, as well as manage many different chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease.  I spay and neuter – rabbits too! I never know what to expect around here….it’s never a dull moment.

As you’ve seen from my website, I am a small town girl that grew up in south Texas. I didn’t always want to be a veterinarian, but I knew that I would do something in the field of science.  My earliest memories are of my telling my father that I wanted to be a “Genetic Engineer” – I think that I was maybe 10 years old?  I don’t think that I knew what that meant, but it sounded very official and scientific to me.  It wasn’t until my sophomore year at college that I had the opportunity to spend a few months at the medical center in Houston as part of a summer research program.  That summer really changed my life!  I realized that life in a research lab was NOT for me.  I needed more interaction with people and couldn’t get over the crazy schedule that revolved around what experiment was running at the time.  When I got back to school, I quickly started to re-evaluate my plans.  What could I do that would allow me to stay in the natural sciences?  I started volunteering at the animal shelter and one of the local veterinary clinics near campus – I was hooked!  I have always loved animals – I know, I know – everyone says that!  I joined the UT Pre-Vet Society and made sure that from then on all of my college classes would help me qualify as an applicant to the veterinary program at Texas A&M.  How about that – a Longhorn vet?

I can’t imagine my life any other way.  I thank God that I made the right choice for me.  I love my job and the people that I work with.  I love that I can form long lasting relationships with people and their fur-babies.  I can’t believe that I am going on almost 16 years as a small animal veterinarian – I have seen some patients from birth to death – who else can say that?  I still have a scrapbook from my early days – when I had braces and people asked if I was old enough to be a vet.  I love to look back at the photos, letters, and thank you cards – they are special reminders to me of how fortunate I am.  The braces are gone, the hair is a little greyer, and I move a little slower these days…but there are still days when I will see something new and still get excited.

so…I guess that this blog thing isn’t so hard…practice makes perfect, right?

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